Let’s talk about International Courier Express

As we all know about international shipping, you may think of incoterms and the amount of documents. But international express delivery with Namyong Worldwide Express is easier than you’d ever think. Speaking of express delivery, this will be known as Courier Express. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Courier Express? Today we have an answer for you.

When it comes to Courier Express, most people must be thinking about high shipping costs because compared to other transportation, Courier Express shipping costs are quite higher. For the Courier Express of Namyong Worldwide Express, the price in the Asia zone starts at only 510 THB for 2-3 working days. For delivery to America and Europe starts at only 1000 THB for 3-4 working days. Obviously, the price is reasonable and worthy. Besides fast delivery, the sender and recipient do not have to arrange import-export documents. It’s easy, convenient and fast.

International courier express is the best choice for people who need speedy transportation. Most of them will be sending documents. small parcels to individual recipients.

Namyong Worldwide Express provides overseas delivery service by free picking up, delivered directly to the recipients in the destination country with an All-in price without minimum throughout Thailand. The customers just provide the name, address, phone number of the sender and recipient. with declaration of product details, value, weight and box size. As simple as this, you can start delivery abroad. In addition, our express delivery has tracking no. for customers to check the shipment status 24 hours a day via the website: www.namyongwex.com. For further inquiry please feel free to contact us. We are glad to give advice for all your overseas shipments.