4 easy steps to send parcel with Namyong Worldwide Express

1. Provide information
Provide information of name, address, contact number of the recipient and sender in English, weight (kg), box size (cm) and the product you would like to deliver via the website www.namyongwex.com, or just message us via Line, Facebook, phone number or email and provide above information to proceed the booking.
2. Payment
Our admin will check whether the product can be exported to the destination country or not, along with other related information before quoting the price, after that the customers can make a payment via our QR Code. The price is all including transportation costs, fees, fuel costs, or even VAT (exclude destination tax and duty). Once the payment is completed, please attach the transfer slipม and we will inform the NYX Tracking no. with sending AWB to the customers for checking shipment status on the website: www.namyongwex.com all 24 hours a day
Packing the product properly, attach AWB or write down NYX Tracking no. on the parcel, then wait for the staff to pick up. If the customers make a payment within 12.00pm., we will pick up in the afternoon of the same day.
4. Delivery
Waiting for the staff to pick up the parcel for free! No minimum all around Thailand! Or the customers can go to Namyong Worldwide Express drop point as well.


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