Tips for sending goods to your friend in China

What should you do for delivery to China? First of all, delivery to China would be divided into 2 simple ways: the recipient is a company. and the recipient is an individual. China is very strict regarding individual delivery. Because of some import duty exemption, there are requirements for the quantity and value of the products to be delivered in each shipment. What are the rules for individual delivery? Let’s see as following.

Chinese customs regulations for individual recipient
1.Each box type can only contain 10 pieces. And each box can only have 10 designs. (If there are several, it is best to send them separately.)
2.Each box must not weigh more than 10 kg.
3.The total value of the product cannot exceed US$130.
4.An image of the front and back of the Chinese recipient’s ID card must be attached If the recipient is a foreigner, a passport photo must be provided.
5.FDA and clear package brands are required for some products, such as food, supplements, cosmetics and skin care products.

Prohibited imports to China
1. Fresh food, including meat and vegetables, dried bird’s nest.
2. Food or confectionery that has been processed and contains meat, milk, or eggs.
3. Cosmetics or skin care products that are not approved by FDA or contain alcohol.
4. Plants, trees, and seeds.
5. Second-hand or used products, such as clothing, electronic equipment etc.
6. Electrical devices containing battery and magnet.
7. Spare parts
8. Books, study materials must not be related to religion. culture and politics.

Namyong Worldwide Express offers a quote for delivery to China that starts at 0.5 kg, 510 THB for document; starts at 0.5 kg, 780 THB for parcel. Standard delivery lead time is about 2-3 working days, excluding customs clearance time at the destination. We also have premium transportation options, truck transportation or transportation for e-commerce. International express delivery is not difficult. Please feel free to contact NYX.