Drug/medicine product is must have a medical certificate with following details:

(must be in English only)

– The patient’s name which matches the recipient’s name.

– Examination result 

– Drug description and usage

– Name or type of drug

– Amount of medication which matches the amount to be delivered

– Doctor’s signature

– Hospital’s stamp

After payment completed, our system will inform NYX tracking number via email or through the channels that the customers have contacted, then you can check your shipment status by enter NYX tracking number on Tracking.namyongwex.com all 24 hours a day

Delivery international with NYX (Namyong Worldwide Express) in 4 easy steps.

1. Provide information
Provide information of name, address, contact number of the recipient and sender in English, weight (kg), box size (cm) and the product you would like to deliver via the website www.namyongwex.com, or just message us via Line, Facebook, phone number or email and provide above information to proceed the booking.
2. Payment
Our admin will check whether the product can be exported to the destination country or not, along with other related information before quoting the price, after that the customers can make a payment via our QR Code. The price is all including transportation costs, fees, fuel costs, or even VAT (exclude destination tax and duty). Once the payment is completed, please attach the transfer slipม and we will inform the NYX Tracking no. with sending AWB to the customers for checking shipment status on the website: www.namyongwex.com all 24 hours a day
Packing the product properly, attach AWB or write down NYX Tracking no. on the parcel, then wait for the staff to pick up. If the customers make a payment within 12.00pm., we will pick up in the afternoon of the same day.
4. Delivery
Waiting for the staff to pick up the parcel for free! No minimum all around Thailand! Or the customers can go to Namyong Worldwide Express drop point as well.

  1. Each box type can only contain 10 pieces. And each box can only have 10 designs. (If there are several, it is best to send them separately.)
  2. Each box must not weigh more than 10 kg.
  3. The total value of the product cannot exceed US$130.
  4. An image of the front and back of the Chinese recipient’s ID card must be attached. If the recipient is a foreigner, a passport photo must be provided.
  5. FDA and clear package brands are required for some products.

According to the “Customs Regulation of the People’s Republic of China Governing Supervision and Control over Inward and Outward Express Mail and Parcel”, in case of the recipient is a Chinese national, a copy of the front and back of the ID card is required, and in the case that the recipient is a foreigner, a copy of the passport must be presented to customs.

Reference link: http://www.gov.cn/gongbao/content/2004/content_62891.htmKkkk

If all details are provided and customers complete a payment before 12.00pm. on every Monday – Friday, the staff will pick up your parcels on the same day in the afternoon. However, if the payment is completed after 12.00pm., the staff will pick up your parcels the next day in the afternoon. For Saturday and Sunday, if all details are provided and the payment is completed, your parcels will be picked up on Monday afternoon.
China customs regulations will not accept products to claim, as the products that are delivered to claim will not be considered as new products. In contrast, the customs will consider this kind of product as garbage and can’t be cleared. If the item is in new condition and not used, it can be delivered.
  1. The delivery lead time does not include customs clearance / the lead time may increase subject to the situation of Covid-19 epidemic.
  2. To return or the parcel can’t be delivered, there will be a parcel return fee, starting from 100 THB *This price is in case of the parcel has not been exported*
  3. In case the product is lost due to the mistake of the company, the company will compensate for damages according to the value of the product as declared, maximum 3,000 THB or not more than 100 USD for export documents / parcels., and maximum 2,000 baht for documents/parcels domestic delivered or has been picked up but not yet exported. For more conditions and compensation details please visit: www.namyongwex.com
  4. Namyong Worldwide Express and delivery agent have the right to open and inspect the delivered parcels without prior notice for safety or customs reasons before shipping
The price is all including transportation costs, fuel costs, fee or even VAT (exclude destination tax and duty) and free pick up service without minimum.
The destination tax and duty are not included in the price. This will depend on the regulations of the destination country, the type of goods, the value and the discretion of the customs of each country. And the recipients would be responsible.
  1. Fresh food, including meat and vegetables, dried bird’s nest.
  2. Food or confectionery that has been processed and contains meat, milk, or eggs.
  3. Cosmetics or skin care products that are not approved by FDA or contain alcohol.
  4. Plants, trees, and seeds
  5. Second-hand or used products, such as clothing, electronic equipment etc.
  6. Electrical devices containing battery and magnet.
  7. Spare parts
  8. Books, study materials must not be related to religion. culture and politics.